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Dots on Letters Bekfaya 1 cover

The municipality of Bekfaya is located in Metn, a mainly Christian area near Beirut. Bekfaya reporters wrote the challenges of urban planning in booming municipalities; cultural activities in their region; the needs of disabled people; the role of municipalities in improving their quality of life; and Bekfaya’s celebrated flowers.

CAHR 8 cover

The quarterly newsletter Human Rights in Central Asia, produced under the Building Human Rights Protection and Education Through the Media in Central Asia Project, funded by the European Commission, contains comprehensive information about the project’s activities in the region (round tables, public discussions, and training events) and the human rights stories posted on the IWPR website that attracted the most public attention.

Bosnia Memorials cover

This special report examines the controversies around attempts to commemorate victims of the Bosnian war. 

Baakline is a town in the mountainous Chouf region, where many of the Druze minority live. Project reporters wrote about the emigration of young people from the villages in the area, the local education system and the risk of foreign fires.

Located in the south of Lebanon, the city of Sour (or Tyre) is home to a Shia majority and Christian minority. The first edition of the Sour newsletter reported on attempts to revive tourism in Qana; the psychological aftermath of the 2006 war; and the uncertain future of new graduates.

En soi, le journalisme en temps d’élection n’est pas différent d’autres formes de journalisme – toutefois pendant les campagnes électorales, les médias comme les politiciens sont observés d’encore plus près, car le monde politique et le public en général suivent les informations avec plus d’attention. Les reportages sont observés de près pour y déceler – ou pas – biais, distorsions et inexactitudes.

The reports - written by local journalists from DRC, Uganda and Sudan - look at the different aspects of international justice that were discussed during the review conference through the eyes of those people that the court was set up to serve.

News Analysis on Radio – A Handbook for Central Asian Journalists is designed to familiarise beginners and advanced journalists with the basics of radio production. The handbook was written by IWPR radio editors in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and based on a journalists’ needs assessment. It has many suggestions, theoretical as well as practical that are helpful in learning how to produce radio pieces and present themes in an interesting way. All aspects of radio production are explained in the publication.

Located in the north, Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city. Its population is predominantly Sunni. In their first edition, project reporters from Tripoli write about the nightmarish traffic in their city; the pollution of the coast; and attempts to revive tourism in the area.

Effective Communications: A Practical Guide for Human Rights NGOs is a unique resource for Central Asian human rights activists. Leading human rights experts provide guidance on how NGOs can engage with the media to get their message out to the public. A number of case studies are included in the publication, which was prepared under the Building Human Rights Protection and Education Through the Media in Central Asia Project, funded by the European Commission.