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Journalists trained by IWPR produce news, analysis, and comment pieces on the issues that affect their countries and communities.

Global Voices

With Open Voices / Con Voz Abierta book cover. (Photo: IWPR)
10 Oct 13
Insights into daily lives of people living in an isolated society, from reporters who live there.
18 Sep 13
Rural community forced to pay for water deliveries.
18 Sep 13
Rock bands say they struggle to survive without official recognition.
A staff cleaner (not a convict) at a Cuban hospital. (Photo: Gerardo Younel Ávila Perdomo/Hablemos Press Center)
5 Sep 13
Day-release scheme gives prisoners an income and provides extra hands for short-staffed healthcare system.
Zonas Poéticas event in Alamar, Havana. (Photo: Frank Abel)
23 Aug 13
Artists have to tread carefully between self-expression and offending officials.
The UN committee reviewing the position of women in Cuba heard submissions both from the government and from a legal aid NGO. (Photo: Cubalex)
21 Aug 13
Committee notes detention used to “re-educate” sex workers.
Public internet access centre in Cuba. (Photo: Nico Cervantes)
16 Aug 13
Government slowly making internet more widely available, but it’s expensive and many sites are blocked.
8 Aug 13
In first report to UN committee, legal-sector NGO says police choose not to act when cases are reported.
Baseball stadium in Havana. (Photo: Alexander Robles)
6 Aug 13
After a 50-year ban, players win permission to play professionally abroad.
6 Aug 13
Regime opponents struggle to find means of earning a living.