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Women from the Damas de Blanco protest group on a march in Havana. (Photo: Gerardo Younel Ávila Perdomo)
22 Jul 13
Government-linked TV station airs allegations that leading protest group is badly run and financially opaque.
Street traders are part of Cuba's growing private sector. (Photo: Devon D. Ewart/Flickr)
11 Jul 13
Hemmed in by regulations and corruptions, small businesses may soon have access to legitimate wholesale goods.
9 Jul 13
Officials prevent families from squatting in disused building.
A particularly well-kept example of the 1950s American cars used as taxis in Cuba. (Photo: Matthias Schack/Flickr)
5 Jul 13
Vintage cars adapted to run on cheaper stuff than petrol.
3 Jul 13
Illegal satellite dishes and cable networks make for more entertaining viewing than Cuban state TV.
3 Jul 13
Viewers doubt new technology will improve content of state-controlled media.
26 Jun 13
They say they were forced out by intimidation and false promises.
One of the new public internet access centres in Cuba. (Photo: Nico Cervantes)
21 Jun 13
An hour of surfing is worth a week's wages, but authorities promise to cut prices at a later date.
A modern "bendy bus" in Havana. (Photo: Alexander Robles)
11 Jun 13
Problems remain despite government efforts to restore public transport to former efficiency.
Cuban banknotes - here real rather than forged. (Photo: IWPR)
7 Jun 13
Cashiers check paid-in money carefully, as they’ll have to replace any counterfeits out of their own pockets.