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Cuban journalist Calixto Ramón Martínez Árias. (Photo: Hablemos Press)
8 Dec 12
Authorities order water withheld from Calixto Martínez Arias.
8 Dec 12
Reconciliation, remembrance and the admission of crimes are all essential to making peace work, even if a settlement is reached.
30 Nov 12
Easier emigration rules don’t apply to graduates, who will have to wait five years in a move designed to slow brain drain.
Flimsy homes suffered particularly when Hurricane Sandy hit Cuba.
28 Nov 12
Government says nothing about reported cases of dengue-fever and cholera.
27 Nov 12
On home-made craft, Cubans head for Florida or Central America despite risk of interception or drowning.
Cuban journalist Calixto Ramón Martínez Árias. (Photo: Hablemos Press)
23 Nov 12
Some await trial, while many are detained for shorter periods to disrupt their work as journalists or rights activists.
Some residents say more could have been done to avert damage.
20 Nov 12
"It's not looking good," official said as winds headed for shore.
The "caravan" of mothers looking for children who have disappeared while travelling through Mexico as migrants. (Photo: Vladimir Cortés Roshdestvensky)
20 Nov 12
As Central Americans tour Mexico, a Honduran woman is reunited with her son after nine years.
Cubans will now be able to travel abroad more freely, thanks to the abolition of exit permits. (Photo: Tony Hisgett/Flickr)
13 Nov 12
Authorities drop exit visa system, though they will still be able to block people from travelling.
A CDR (Committee for the Defence of the Revolution) logo on an apartment building. (Photo: Abraham Orozco/Flickr)
2 Nov 12
Nearly everyone is part of the communal surveillance network, but members admit that people don’t turn up for events any more.