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17 Oct 12
Parents remove children from unsanitary wards as staff struggle to cope.
Women shopping at a state-run pharmacy in Cuba. (Photo: Bitboy/Flickr)
17 Oct 12
Availability of basic items limited by cumbersome state rationing and distribution system.
11 Oct 12
Agreement to hold talks is important, but fighting continues and there is massive distrust between government and rebel guerrillas.
Yellow fever mosquito, the species that spreads dengue fever. (Photo: James Gathany/Wikimedia Commons)
1 Oct 12
Medical students drafted in to help with health checks in Cienfuegos.
1 Oct 12
Cuban capital’s drainage systems badly need repairs.
Journalists of Hablemos Press. (Photo: Hablemos Press)
26 Sep 12
Detained journalist says security service men promised to “eliminate” Hablemos Press.
Cuban journalist Calixto Ramón Martínez Árias. (Photo: Hablemos Press)
25 Sep 12
Press rights group highlights absurdity of arresting Calixto Ramón Martínez Árias for reporting on matters of public interest.
Getting permission to live in Havana can be a long and difficult process. (Photo: IWPR)
19 Sep 12
Housing procedures are complex and protracted, but can be helped along with a bribe.
15 Sep 12
Incoming leader had previously failed to set out clear position on war on drugs.
Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez.
13 Sep 12
Interview with Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez before his September 11 detention.