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8 Oct 12
Moscow is again embarking on an attempt to subdue Chechnya by force. Although many of the stated aims are different and so far the military tactics are marginally less brutal, the experience for the local population is exactly the same.
The wooden Cathedral of the Ascension in Almaty was completed in 1907 and is one of the very few older buildings to have survived earthquakes and urban planning. (Photo: Ken and Nyetta/Flickr)
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14 Mar 12
Kazakstan’s former capital has become a magnet for ambitious young Central Asians, attracted not just by opportunities but also by welcoming environment.
Police encircle journalists in Shetpe, where one man died after police used live fire on protestors on December 17. (Photo courtesy of Respublika news site http://www.respublika-kz.info/)
20 Dec 11
First they imposed news blackout, then they devised alternative narrative for bloodshed.
18 Oct 11
Authorities say sensitive topic being stirred up for political ends.
18 Oct 11
Calls for greater use of national language are really conduit for broader sense of dissatisfaction.
Oil-sector workers in Janaozen continue their sit-in. (Photo: Artur Nigmetov)
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29 Sep 11
Four months after industrial action began, tensions still run high in Janaozen.
28 Sep 11
More needs to be done to ensure government agencies work together to enforce legislation.
Policemen attend the funeral of one of the officers killed during a massive security sweep to track down members of an armed group. (Photo: Alima Abdirova)
16 Sep 11
IWPR reporting on violence in Kazakstan adds facts and nuances to local coverage.