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Global Voices

Alexander Kharlamov. (Photo: A. Kharlamov's page on Moy Mir)
3 May 13
Concerns that hate speech laws are being used to silence anti-corruption campaigner and other government critics.
2 May 13
Court hears that they hid evidence to protect the younger Tsarnaev brother.
26 Apr 13
Membership of former Soviet bloc is as much about political alliances as about economics.
Mahambet Abjan. (Photo courtesy of M. Abjan)
29 Mar 13
Decision to reinstate students expelled for posting dance video suggests a new willingness to listen.
Protest against changes to maternity benefits in Kazakstan. Astana, March 9, 2013. (Photo: Aliya Delmasheva)
20 Mar 13
Activists hope campaign will prompt wider action on women's rights.
Murat Mashkenov, head of the independent Kazakstan Labour Confederation. (Photo: Ludmila Ekzarkhova)
7 Mar 13
Opponents say measures being proposed would favour main trade union federation.
28 Feb 13
London event highlights use of criminal law to punish dissent.
Gulmira Birjanova. (Photo courtesy of G Birjanova)
8 Feb 13
Continuing persecution backed by raft of retrograde laws.
Working conditions in Janaozen's oil industry have improved since protests in 2011 ended in bloodshed. (Photo: Asylkhan Abdraim)
30 Jan 13
Struggling to support families, they believe their husbands were made scapegoats for 2011 bloodshed.
Editorial Comment
14 Dec 12
Authorities repressive and responsive by turn, but the old social contract has been torn up.