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Global Voices

A protester holds up pictures of union lawyer Natalia Sokolova and trade unionist Akjanat Aminov, both convicted after taking part in strikes. (Photo: Ayman Kurmanov)
28 Aug 11
Recent trials of labour activists unlikely to deter further protests but certain to increase resentment.
A women’s prison at Chemolgan in the Almaty region. (Photo: Serik Kovlanbaev)
25 Aug 11
Rights activists warn conditions will worsen as control of prisons reverts to interior ministry.
26 Jul 11
Rights activists say conditions haven’t improved despite recent convictions of warders found guilty of torture.
21 Jul 11
Authorities need to stop confusing all practicing Muslims with radical minority, newspaper editor says.
20 Jul 11
Amnesty International expert describes effects of continuing campaign against anyone the government sees as potential subversive.
Relatives wait outside police station in Kenkiak where family members of suspects were taken for questioning. (Photo: Alima Abdirova)
Special Report
12 Jul 11
Real threat posed by Islamic radicals not as great as incident suggests, analysts say, although resentment of the authorities is widespread.
7 Jul 11
IWPR reports on new wave of Islamic militancy become sought-after information source for regional experts.
IWPR-supported round table on preventing suicide in the Kazak capital Astana. (Photo: Institute for Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities)
28 Jun 11
IWPR round table spurs officials to consider development of a national plan to address the problem.