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Full-scale warfare on the Karabakh front line ended in 1994, but sporadic firefights are a reminder of the risk of renewed conflict. (Photo: Nicholas Babaian/Flickr.com)
25 Jun 10
Shootings on front line show fragility of peace and difficulty of moving towards deal.
Karabakh voters turned out for parliamentary elections in force – but they didn't appear to have much of a choice. (Photo: Anahit Danielyan)
28 May 10
Politicians opposed to government have struggled to form organised opposition, perhaps because they don't wish to appear disloyal to Karabakh.
27 Mar 10
Rare regional exception where most women believe their rights are respected. By Anahit Danielyan in Stepanakert
19 Mar 10
Former fighters continue to be traumatised by viciousness of the early Nineties' conflict. By Anahit Danielyan and Seda Muradyan in Stepanakert
11 Mar 10
Fifteen years on, doctors say disease brought on by stress of war continues to kill people.
10 Mar 10
Baku residents demand homes back but refugees refuse to budge.
9 Mar 10
An IWPR journalist, allowed into Gori on a Russian tank, witnesses exultant pro-Moscow fighters rampaging through the blazing city.
9 Mar 10
Following recognition by Moscow, Abkhaz leadership to seek full international acceptance.
8 Mar 10
But state says borrowing was needed to keep economy on an even keel.
8 Mar 10
Activists say more should be done to preserve historic structures in remote valley.