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Global Voices

8 Oct 12
The message from the Kremlin PR machine on its latest campaign in the north Caucasus is simple. "We'll win it this time"
8 Oct 12
Unresolved conflict in the Southern Caucasus and the return to war in the North is a problem for all. But democratisation must be a fundamental part of the solution.
8 Oct 12
Moscow is again embarking on an attempt to subdue Chechnya by force. Although many of the stated aims are different and so far the military tactics are marginally less brutal, the experience for the local population is exactly the same.
8 Oct 12
Azerbaijan's media put the number of homeless children in the country at 80,000 and rising. But human rights activists believe even this is an underestimate.
Standard history textbooks used in Azerbaijani schools. (Photo: Shahla Sultanova)
Special Report
2 Mar 12
In each country, school textbooks teach one version of history that sustains animosity towards the other.
19 Nov 11
Video: Hardship, but hope too, among Azerbaijanis driven from their homes by 1990s war.
This home in Chiragli was destroyed in the conflict and never rebuilt. (Photo: Orhan Orhanov)
Photo Essay
15 Nov 11
Villagers eke out existence along "line of control" facing Armenian-held territory.
Vilayat Bakhshaliyev in the hostel where he has lived since the Karabakh conflict. (Photo: Natig Javadli)
11 Nov 11
After a decade and a half in “temporary” housing, people who fled Karabakh see little hope of a better life.
Wreckage of the pilotless drone plane brought down in Karabakh. (Photo: Nagorny Karabakh armed forces)
23 Sep 11
Azerbaijan denies it sent unmanned aircraft, but incident focuses attention on defence buildup in frozen conflict.
Editorial Comment
29 Jul 11
Latest Russian-sponsored effort to resolve conflict comes to naught, but some wonder whether Paris is set to replace Moscow as lead mediator.