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Global Voices

8 Oct 12
Azerbaijan's media put the number of homeless children in the country at 80,000 and rising. But human rights activists believe even this is an underestimate.
8 Oct 12
Back in August Armenian president Robert Kocharian and his Azerbaijani counterpart Heydar Aliev met in Geneva to sort out Karabakh "man to man" behind closed doors.
8 Oct 12
The message from the Kremlin PR machine on its latest campaign in the north Caucasus is simple. "We'll win it this time"
8 Oct 12
Unresolved conflict in the Southern Caucasus and the return to war in the North is a problem for all. But democratisation must be a fundamental part of the solution.
Standard history textbooks used in Azerbaijani schools. (Photo: Shahla Sultanova)
Special Report
2 Mar 12
In each country, school textbooks teach one version of history that sustains animosity towards the other.
19 Nov 11
Video: Hardship, but hope too, among Azerbaijanis driven from their homes by 1990s war.
This home in Chiragli was destroyed in the conflict and never rebuilt. (Photo: Orhan Orhanov)
Photo Essay
15 Nov 11
Villagers eke out existence along "line of control" facing Armenian-held territory.
Vilayat Bakhshaliyev in the hostel where he has lived since the Karabakh conflict. (Photo: Natig Javadli)
11 Nov 11
After a decade and a half in “temporary” housing, people who fled Karabakh see little hope of a better life.
Wreckage of the pilotless drone plane brought down in Karabakh. (Photo: Nagorny Karabakh armed forces)
23 Sep 11
Azerbaijan denies it sent unmanned aircraft, but incident focuses attention on defence buildup in frozen conflict.
Editorial Comment
29 Jul 11
Latest Russian-sponsored effort to resolve conflict comes to naught, but some wonder whether Paris is set to replace Moscow as lead mediator.