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Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan (left) meeting his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev in Vienna on November 19. (Photo: Armenian president’s website.)
2 Dec 13
Presidents take a step forward by meeting face to face, but fundamental positions on Karabakh look as immovable as ever.
Mountainous terrain near Aygedzor, on Armenian border with Azerbaijan. (Photo: Armenian defence ministry)
1 Nov 13
Incident part of recurring cycle as civilians try to earn a living close to Azerbaijani and Armenian army lines.
Mountainous terrain near Aygedzor, where a farmer died after stepping on a landmine. (Photo: Armenian defence ministry)
3 Oct 13
Latest incident attributed to lack of emergency channels through which opposing militaries could communicate.
A shepherd pastures his flock in no-man's land between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces on the Karabakh front line. (Photo: Orhan Orhanov)
13 Sep 13
Mutual recriminations as both sides note a rise in cross-border shooting.
Foreign ministry in Baku. (Photo: Magerram Zeynalov)
14 Aug 13
Foreigners who slip across from Armenia told they are unwelcome in Azerbaijan.
Late-model Russian tanks on parade demonstrate Azerbaijan's purchasing power. (Photo: Official website of the president of  Azerbaijan)
25 Jul 13
Unable to match Baku’s big spending, Armenia relies on special relationship with Moscow.
31 May 13
Virtual discussion brings experts together to discuss impasse of talks, and possible ways forward.
The Poghosyan family, Armenians from Syria now living Karabakh. (Photo courtesy of Vardan Poghosyan)
14 Jan 13
Resettlement scheme angers Azerbaijan, which sees it as an obstruction to an eventual peace deal.
Still from a scene in If Only Everyone. (Copyright © 2012 Team Productions LLC)
5 Dec 12
Film set out to portray humanity triumphant, but with Karabakh as backdrop, controversy was bound to follow.
8 Oct 12
Moscow is again embarking on an attempt to subdue Chechnya by force. Although many of the stated aims are different and so far the military tactics are marginally less brutal, the experience for the local population is exactly the same.