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The Mission

Go-between passed messages and even helped arrange a marriage in divided Mostar.

Zoran Mandlbaum is a Jew who could have left Mostar during the war, but remained because he wanted to help people on both Bosniak and Croat sides of the divided town.

He transported messages, letters and parcels across the lines, helping among many others a Bosniak goldsmith called Ramiz Pandur.

"Zoran never turned down anyone who asked him for a favour," Pandur said.

Mandlbaum even managed to smuggle a woman across to her fiancé on the Bosniak side, and thanks to him, they got married in the midst of war.

This film was produced by IWPR and Mebius Film to mark the 20th anniversary of the start of war in Bosnia, under IWPR's Programme for the Western Balkans and ICTY, funded by the Norwegian government.

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