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ZIM Issue 91

Fawzia Sheikh
11 Apr 08
As the international community steps up the pressure on President Robert Mugabe’s regime, American officials consider tougher sanctions.
Joseph Sithole
11 Apr 08
The government’s new corruption survey is merely another way for the authorities to be seen to be doing something, without taking resolute steps to root out the problem.
Trevor Ncube
11 Apr 08
A one-time admirer of Robert Mugabe reflects on the harm the president has inflicted on Zimbabwe – and what can be done to reverse the damage.
Norman Chitapi
11 Apr 08
Events over the last two weeks have added to the pressures facing the Zimbabwean leader, but the opposition will need to keep up the momentum since the president is likely to cling to power as long as he can.
Fred Bridgland
11 Apr 08
Derelict properties of first two white farmers murdered in Zimbabwe mirror the country's agricultural collapse.