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ZIM Issue 137

Erica Beinlich
14 Apr 08
Exiles urge their countrymen to vote, even though many suspect the president will rig the vote in his favour.
Sandra Nyaira
14 Apr 08
Vibrant campaign to encourage migrants to go back and vote falls flat as diaspora Zimbabweans talk of hardship and wasted ballots.
Yamikani Mwando
14 Apr 08
In a country with a tradition of political violence, the sight of opposition supporters openly proclaiming their allegiance is a significant sign of change.
Joseph Sithole
14 Apr 08
Calling the ex-finance minister a “prostitute” and a “frog” is unlikely to encourage him to back another candidate if the vote goes to a second round.
Mike Nyoni
14 Apr 08
For the first time since 1980, a presidential election could go to a second round, but analysts say President Robert Mugabe will do his level best to stop that happening.