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ZIM Issue 101

Ezekiel Ngoni
11 Apr 08
Lecturers have left in droves from the University of Zimbabwe, and facilities are crumbling and overcrowded.
Florence Gobo
11 Apr 08
People sell all they have to get private treatment as a nationwide strike brings the state health system to a halt.
Norman Chitapi
11 Apr 08
Mediators face dilemma of whether to limit negotiations to the opposing political parties or to widen the debate to include a clamour of different interest groups.
Josephine Gwara
11 Apr 08
The capital is home to thousands of street people, many of them children - the victims of poverty and harsh government policies.
Max Chaya
11 Apr 08
Relations between Mugabe and Zimbabwe’s Catholic bishops continue to worsen, but without the church he would not be where he is today.