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WPR Issue 2

Aso Akram
17 Nov 05
Men are illegally divorcing their wives without them knowing.
Gulnura Toralieva
17 Nov 05
Kyrgyz women travel across the region to support their families, despite being bullied and harassed en route.
Ramilya Alieva
17 Nov 05
Teenage Azerbaijani girls in Georgia often have no choice but to marry young.
Gaziza Baituova
17 Nov 05
Women from southern Kazakstan are being forced into prostitution both at home and abroad.
Parwin Mohmand
17 Nov 05
Women are still being used as currency in the marriage market.
Polina Sanayeva
17 Nov 05
Dagestani women who enter into polygamous marriages risk losing everything - even their children - when their husband tires of them.