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WPR Issue 1

Galima Bukharbaeva
18 Nov 05
A family planning campaign that looks benign is marred by allegations of forced sterilisation on a wide scale.
Anthony Borden
18 Nov 05
In launching our Women’s Reporting and Dialogue Programme, IWPR looks at a different kind of frontline - the battle women in Islamic countries are waging to define new rights in changing times.
Madina Saifidnova
17 Nov 05
Women become the breadwinners in this patriarchal society, leaving men depressed and suicidal.
Fatima Tlisova
17 Nov 05
Women in traditionally Muslim republic are being labelled Islamic radicals for merely wearing a head covering.
Salima Ghafari
17 Nov 05
The oppressive Taleban regime is long gone, but many Afghan women are still afraid to abandon their burqas.
Anara Tabyshalieva
17 Nov 05
Women in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Azerbaijan and the North Caucasus face official and societal discrimination.