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TRI Issue 642

Velma Šarić
20 Apr 10
Court hears that defendant was not responsible for allocation of defence budget. By Velma Šarić in Sarajevo
The Hague tribunal has heard testimony about victims being sexually assaulted with glass bottles, guns and truncheons. (Photo: Courtesy of the ICTY)
Dženana Karabegović
17 Apr 10
Fifteen years after Bosnian war, fight goes on for victims’ recognition and justice.
Rachel Irwin
17 Apr 10
He said he heard the former Bosnian Serb leader calling for Muslim homes to be attacked. By Rachel Irwin in The Hague
Courtoom six of the court of Bosnia and Hercegovina in Sarajevo. Some smaller courts are less well equipped. Photo: Archive of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Emily Ponder
16 Apr 10
People afraid of testifying in cases because of intimidation, including death threats. By Emily Ponder in London
Rachel Irwin
16 Apr 10
But his lawyers say they’re confident Serbia’s extradition request will be defeated in court. By Rachel Irwin in The Hague
15 Apr 10
Report on Karadzic decision to represent himself said to contribute to better understanding of an important and evolving area of law.
Merdijana Sadović
15 Apr 10
IWPR joins initiative to give journalism students worldwide a deeper knowledge of international criminal law and justice.
Rachel Irwin
12 Apr 10
They appear to fear that supporting a declaration condemning the outrage would endanger their entity. By Rachel Irwin in The Hague and RFE reporters in Belgrade and Sarajevo
Traditional old Bosnian house in Baljvine. (Photo: IWPR)
Marija Arnautovic
10 Apr 10
Residents of Baljvine, one of the few places to escape the ethnic violence that tore apart Bosnia, tell their extraordinary story. By Marija Arnautovic in Baljvine
Rachel Irwin
8 Apr 10
Trial judges say they remained “unconvinced” by his submission and that he had “merely repeated” previous arguments.