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TRI Issue 561

Caroline Tosh
17 Nov 08
Karadzic’s cat and mouse game with his pursuers ends in bizarre circumstances.
Simon Jennings
4 Aug 08
Belgrade sources promise swift action to capture Bosnian Serb wartime commander, but analysts say pressure must be kept up to ensure elusive general is brought to justice.
Zoran Pajić
4 Aug 08
His detention in a Belgrade suburb suggests too many people were prepared to believe the story that he could never be caught.
Edina Becirevic
25 Jul 08
Fine print of Karadzic indictment will determine scope of genocide charges and extent to which Belgrade’s role is highlighted.
25 Jul 08
Bosnian Serb wartime leader in custody awaiting extradition to Hague tribunal.
James Lyon
23 Jul 08
Arrest of Radovan Karadzic shows Serbian security services can locate war crimes suspects if the political will is there.