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TRI Issue 559

Maja Bjelajac
20 Sep 10
Local lawyers consider likely consequences of Srebrenica suspect’s plea for other cases.
Goran Jungvirth
28 Jul 08
Witness testimony suggests exodus from Krajina was triggered by bombardment, and not ordered by Serb authorities.
Simon Jennings
19 Jul 08
It decides it has no jurisdiction to hear a lawsuit against the organisation brought by survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.
Merdijana Sadović
14 Jul 08
The case was the only one the tribunal has heard in relation to the Macedonian conflict.
Merdijana Sadović
11 Jul 08
Thousands gather at site of the worst massacre on European soil since the Second World War.
Simon Jennings
11 Jul 08
Prosecutors say crimes of Milan and Sredoje Lukic reached “unprecedented peak of capricious cruelty”.
Aleksandar Roknić
11 Jul 08
International law professor analyses Hague tribunal’s impact in Serbia.
Nedim Sarac
11 Jul 08
Some say it has no choice if it wants Serbia to join EU, but others think full cooperation is unlikely.