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TRI Issue 375

9 Nov 05
By IWPR staff in The Hague (TU No 375, 01-Oct-04)
Beth Kampschror
9 Nov 05
Bosnian Serb war criminal hopes to be elected mayor on a multi-ethnic reconciliation ticket.
Carla Sapsford
9 Nov 05
Former Bosnian Croat leader speaks of Serb plans to create a “Greater Serbia” by redrawing Bosnia’s borders.
Lauren Etter
9 Nov 05
Trial of Muslim commander of Srebrenica seen by some as tribunal attempt to avoid claims of bias.
Zelimir Bojovic
9 Nov 05
Belgrade policy of non-cooperation with Hague may lead to economic ruin and undermine state union with Montenegro.
Michael Farquhar
9 Nov 05
Lawyer sets out arguments against imposing counsel on defendant.