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TRI Issue 320

30 Apr 05
By Gordana Katana in Banja Luka and Emir Suljagic in The Hague (TU 320, 11-18 July 2003)
Milanka Saponja-Hadzic
30 Apr 05
Albanian youngsters take stand in Kosovo massacre trial.
Karen Meirik
30 Apr 05
The largely in camera trial of Radoslav Bridjanin denied public evidence of some of the worst crimes of Bosnian war.
Emir Suljagic
30 Apr 05
Witnesses provide graphic descriptions of Bosnian Serb mass killings.
Nick Hawton
30 Apr 05
Srebrenica survivors angered by court rejection of compensation claims for murdered relatives.
Nermina Durmic-Kahrovic
30 Apr 05
Thousands of people killed following the fall of the enclave remain unidentified eight years after the atrocity.