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TRI Issue 316

1 May 05
By Emir Suljagic in The Hague (TU 316, 02-06 June 2003)
Drago Hedl
1 May 05
Widow of murdered Croatian war crimes witness issues damages claim against government.
Zoran Culafic
1 May 05
Trial of Serb police officer in Kosovo underscores difficulties of local war crimes prosecutions.
Stacy Sullivan
1 May 05
Serbian nationalist’s litany of complaints against The Hague masks seriousness of charges he faces
Othon Zimmermann
1 May 05
Dutch parliament again probes government responsibility for Srebrenica massacre.
Emir Suljagic
1 May 05
Former member of Serbian secret service unit appears to implicate Milosevic in Mostar crimes.