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RCA Issue 81

Nyazik Ataeva
21 Feb 05
Turkmenbashi is facing an unprecedented challenge from a one-time ally.
Vera Pliutto
21 Feb 05
There are fears that Uzbekistan faces an anthrax threat from Bin Laden sympathisers and Soviet-era biological weapons.
Galima Bukharbaeva
21 Feb 05
There are growing signs that the Khanabad air base in southern Uzbekistan is to be used as a launch pad for US military operations in Afghanistan.
Tim Judah
21 Feb 05
Some Taleban commanders are making a fortune out of donkey convoys supplying Northern Alliance-held territory.
Michael Griffin
21 Feb 05
President Rabbani's ambassador to London, Wali Massoud, speaks to IWPR about plans for a post-Taleban government in Afghanistan.
Marcus Tanner
21 Feb 05
The Northern Alliance rout of the Taleban throws US Afghan plans into a tailspin