RCA Issue 80 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


RCA Issue 80

Eduard Poletaev
21 Feb 05
Uzbeks reap record rewards for informing on their neighbours.
Polina Mikhailova
21 Feb 05
Media hype over Turkmenistan's "great" achievements during its first ten years of independence mask a grim and depressing reality.
Thomas Withington
21 Feb 05
Iran, India and Russia have long backed the continuation of armed conflict in Afghanistan.
Michael Griffin
21 Feb 05
Washington is redoubling its efforts to achieve a breakthrough on the Afghan battlefield, after becoming frustrated with diplomatic attempts to resolve the crisis.
Mohammed Qabool
21 Feb 05
Western military engagement alone will not defeat the Taleban.
Tim Judah
21 Feb 05
Sitting in the ruined control tower of Bagram air base, a Northern Alliance commander watches US planes carpet-bomb his enemies.