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RCA Issue 636

Police go over the ground where the explosives were planted in what looks like a deliberate bombing. (Photo: Grigory Mikhailov)
Yevgenia Kim, Timur Toktonaliev
1 Dec 10
Authorities accuse Islamic radicals of planting bomb, though others are not so sure.
Zarina Ergasheva
30 Nov 10
Government should move from moratorium to full abolition, leading lawyer says.
Bubusara Ryskulova, head of the Sezim crisis centre, talks to a woman who is seeking help. (Photo: Jyldyz Albanova)
Asyl Osmonalieva, Nargiza Ryskulova
29 Nov 10
As foreign grants dwindle, NGOs turn to cash-strapped government.
Police say November 29 clash with suspects does not mean Osh is reverting to the violence seen in June, when armed men like the ones shown here had a free hand in the city. (Photo: Inga Sikorskaya)
Isomidin Ahmedjanov, Dina Tokbaeva
29 Nov 10
Security service insists operation targeting armed group was pre-planned and does not mark return to instability.