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RCA Issue 615

 Osh, scene of worst bloodshed in Kyrgyzstan for 20 years.  (Photo by Christian Gawron http://go.iwpr.info/osh)
Beksultan Sadyrkulov, Asyl Osmonalieva, Isomidin Ahmedjanov, Inga Sikorskaya
21 Jun 10
Minor fistfight erupts into worst bloodshed seen in two decades.
A disused military vehicle into service as a barricade on the outskirts of Osh. (Photo: Isomidin Ahmedjanov)
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova, Dina Tokbaeva, Beksultan Sadyrkulov, Isomidin Ahmedjanov
14 Jun 10
Government official insists worst is over, but gunfire continues and refugees run for the Uzbek border.
Dina Tokbaeva
12 Jun 10
Unrest now too widespread for Kyrgyz authorities to deal with, but Russia says no to intervention.
Pavel Dyatlenko
11 Jun 10
New constitution will not turn the country into a parliamentary democracy just yet, but it’s still the most progressive in the region.
Yaroslava Naumenko
9 Jun 10
Strike action prevented after concerted protests, as income levels fall in oil industry.