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RCA Issue 610

Homes in Mayevka were gutted by fire during the violence. Photo by Anara Yusupova.
Asyl Osmonalieva
22 Apr 10
As land rights claims lead to violence, new national leadership urged to impose law and order.
Saule Mukhametrakhimova
19 Apr 10
Umbrella group serves as channel for range of public concerns.
Bakiev's last stand. Rally in Osh, April 15. Photo by Isomidin Ahmedjanov.
Dina Tokbaeva
16 Apr 10
President leaves country, steps down following failed attempt to rally support in southern heartland.
Dina Tokbaeva
15 Apr 10
Kyrgyz advisory body on safety of journalists considering findings of IWPR reports on demise of investigative reporting.
Dina Tokbaeva
15 Apr 10
Education proposals aired at IWPR events to be incorporated into parliamentary report.
АзияУниверсалБанк взят под временный контроль.Фото - Нурлан Абдалиев.
Asyl Osmonalieva
14 Apr 10
New government needs to stop money leaving the country, find out where its predecessors kept funds, and keep the electorate happy – all at the same time.
Burnt-out remains of a houses said to  belong to members of the Bakiev family. Photo by Altynay Myrzabekova.
Timur Toktonaliev, Isomidin Ahmedjanov
11 Apr 10
They believe Bakiev was as bad as the man he replaced – but some wonder whether the new authorities will be much better.
Can the new interim government meet expectations? Photo by Nurlan Abdaliev.
Pavel Dyatlenko
11 Apr 10
Getting it right this time will depend on new government’s efforts to overcome legacy of previous authoritarian rulers. By Pavel Dyatlenko in Bishek