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RCA Issue 59

Yevgeni Nikolaev
21 Feb 05
Kyrgyz traders are losing their goods, their livelihoods and even their lives on the Russian border
Meder Imakeev
21 Feb 05
Emigration by Kyrgyzstan's young skilled workforce is doing untold harm to the economy
Eduard Poletaev
21 Feb 05
Doctors are up in arms at new legislation they believe will worsen an already serious alcohol problem
21 Feb 05
Women in Kazakstan are resorting to extraordinary measures to protest against social security fraud
Said Khojaev
21 Feb 05
Uzbek grain farmers face destitution as the government seizes entire harvests at knockdown prices
Galima Bukharbaeva
21 Feb 05
Uzbek security forces use heavy-handed tactics to quash demonstrations