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RCA Issue 551

Inga Sikorskaya
29 Oct 08
European officials speak of progress three days after independent journalist gets ten-year jail term.
Yrys Kadykeev
23 Oct 08
Analysts say government needs to do more to stop Islamic radicals channelling grassroots discontent.
Anton Dosybiev
15 Oct 08
Opinions vary as to whether Kazak economic retreat from Georgia was result of pro-Moscow politics or pragmatism.
Mirgul Akimova
15 Oct 08
Moscow to adopt softly, softly approach to keeping neighbours on board and allaying their concerns about recent conflict.
Chynara Karimova
14 Oct 08
Two high-profile resignations and allegations of ballot-stuffing tarnish the latest exercise in democracy.
Yrys Kadykeev
9 Oct 08
Election official’s claims of intimidation taken up as an opposition cause.