RCA Issue 54 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


RCA Issue 54

Nazik Ataeva
21 Feb 05
The Turkmen media are little more than the president's mouthpiece
Sharip Kurakbaev
21 Feb 05
Almaty's social and economic problems are exacerbated by the influx of rural folk
Kubat Otorbaev
21 Feb 05
Naïve and desperate women in Kyrgyzstan are falling prey to the sex trade
Vladimir Davlatov
21 Feb 05
Foreign credits are Tajikistan's only economic hope
Said Khojaev
21 Feb 05
Human rights groups say a series of Tashkent show trials are a stunt aimed at exaggerating the threat posed by Muslim extremists
Arkady Dubnov
21 Feb 05
Uzbekistan to join new body to tackle instability in the region