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RCA Issue 516

IWPR Central Asia
14 Oct 08
Kyrgyz government seems to be unable to stop the growth of popular support for Hizb-ut-Tahrir in the south.
IWPR Central Asia
21 Nov 07
Local and international media turn to IWPR for expert opinion on leading journalist’s killing following two in-depth reports on the crime.
Lola Khalikjanova
19 Nov 07
Analysts say the country must simplify legislation and introduce transparency to entice new investors.
Esbergen Tumat
17 Nov 07
Despite the government’s optimism, local observers predict Kazakstan’s bid to chair the OSCE in 2009 will be turned down.
IWPR Central Asia
16 Nov 07
Experts call for new energy projects to be accompanied with transparent monitoring of their environmental effects.
IWPR Central Asia
16 Nov 07
Grand plans for a free flow of goods between east and west could be undermined by suspicious and uncooperative Central Asian leaderships.