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RCA Issue 510

IWPR staff
5 Nov 07
After two years of argument about the constitution, President Bakiev is pushing through a quick solution – although not everyone is happy with his vision of how Kyrgyzstan should be governed.
Abdumomun Mamaraimov
5 Nov 07
Thousands earn an income picking wild capers, but this new industry has spawned debate about sustainability, fair pay and government regulation.
1 Oct 07
The enticing prices fetched by cotton in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan means Andijan is particularly prone to smuggling.
Saidrahmon Nazriev
29 Sep 07
Trade grinds to a halt in parts of southern Tajikistan as local officials order markets and shops to close so the workers can help bring in the cotton harvest.
28 Sep 07
Journalism teachers and students believe new IWPR manual will serve as an important training resource in the region.