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RCA Issue 424

Baurzhan Tleusenov
6 Dec 05
The spectre of revolution is being used by both sides in the Kazak election campaign to scare each other, but it does not add up to much more than talk.
Baurzhan Tleusenov
4 Dec 05
As Kazak voters elect a president, opinion remains divided on the fairness of computerised polling.
Aziza Turdueva
3 Dec 05
Plans to introduce proportional representation prompt parties to form strategic alliances to win seats and influence.
Olga Dosybieva
3 Dec 05
Nazarbaev promised freedom of speech in run-up to presidential election, but his pledge is sounding very empty.
Cholpon Orozobekova
3 Dec 05
Market traders from Kyrgyzstan are deported as Kazakstan tightens security for the presidential election.
Artem Fradchuk
3 Dec 05
The Tajik authorities withdraw a major concession for migrant workers in Russia shortly after announcing it, apparently because of hostility from nationalist politicians in Moscow.
Leila Saralaeva
1 Dec 05
Proposal to do away with a key institution could leave the courts weaker and more vulnerable to political interference, say opponents of the scheme.