RCA Issue 327 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


RCA Issue 327

Artur Samari
21 Feb 05
The economic crisis at home has forced prostitutes to expand their horizons.
Saya Issa
21 Feb 05
Western Kazakstan’s oil wealth does not translate into cheap petrol for the locals.
Alla Pyatibratova
21 Feb 05
Prisoners stage group protest by slashing their wrists, prompting renewed concern about jail conditions.
Andrei Grishin
21 Feb 05
After the secret service warns of dangers posed by foreign Islamic militants, non-Kazak Muslims fear their communities will be stigmatised.
Galima Bukharbaeva
21 Feb 05
Parties try to put up candidates for a new-style parliament, but soon realise they don’t stand a chance.