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RCA Issue 201

21 Feb 05
Angry smokers say they will defy ban on lighting up in public places.
Natalya Domagalskaya
21 Feb 05
Kyrgyz doctors are concerned at the resurgence of traditional healers.
Erbol Jumagulov
21 Feb 05
Disabled people battle corrupt Kazak officials to claim government benefits.
Sultan Jumagulov
21 Feb 05
Fears that renewed war on corruption will fail to capture the biggest fish.
Galima Bukharbaeva
21 Feb 05
Government officials are increasingly reluctant to open up to foreign media.
Ulugbek Khaidarov
21 Feb 05
Human rights groups voice concerns about accolade EBRD meeting will give Uzbekistan.
Rashid Abdullo
21 Feb 05
High-level talks with Moscow leader fail to meet Tajik expectations of Russian investment.