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RCA Issue 200

Saida Nazarova
26 May 06
A referendum in June is likely to give the president the right to stay in office for many more years.
14 Nov 05
IWPR marks the 200th edition of its Reporting Central Asia with mixed feelings.
Erbol Jumagulov
21 Feb 05
Deterred by the region's poverty and instability, Kazaks draw back from integration with immediate neighbours and fix their gaze on Russia.
Sultan Jumagulov
21 Feb 05
Russia, China and the US are building relationships with Kyrgyzstan - but can it survive their threefold embrace?
Azat Kakabaev
21 Feb 05
Officials and ordinary citizens live in constant fear as the Turkmen president stamps on potential opposition - real or imagined.
Galima Bukharbaeva
21 Feb 05
Inmates at one of Uzbekistan's most notorious jails describe the brutal regime that led to the deaths of two prisoners last year.