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RCA Issue 155

Seid Seidov
21 Feb 05
Workplace corruption and exploitation is rife because employees are terrified of speaking out.
Oleg Belov
21 Feb 05
The president boasts that the army has been reformed, but in reality little has changed.
Kamol Kholmuradov
21 Feb 05
Poor health and lack of funds have caused a frightening rise in the number of baby deaths.
IWPR Central Asia
21 Feb 05
Kazakstan's former prime minister throws his weight behind the republic's leading opposition movement.
Marina Ildusova
21 Feb 05
The authorities appear to have had ample time to prevent the failure of the republic's vital melon crop.
Sultan Jumagulov
21 Feb 05
Authorities keep opposition protesters well away from visiting UN chief.
Svetlana Moiseeva
21 Feb 05
Trafficking of radioactive substances continues despite concerted efforts by the authorities to clamp down on the trade.