RCA Issue 130 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


RCA Issue 130

Leila Mukhamedova
21 Feb 05
The Kazak government makes a show of allowing a free press to flourish but media representatives call this year the most difficult in their history.
Konstantin Parshin
21 Feb 05
Residents of Dushanbe are so badly served by their media that they have to rely on Russian TV to find out what's happening in their country.
Karina Insarova
21 Feb 05
An old enemy has returned to the north of the country, aided by severe drought and government inaction.
Sultan Jumagulov
21 Feb 05
Government, opposition and civil society leaders come together in a new initiative aimed at defusing the growing political crisis.
Gaukhar Beketova
21 Feb 05
Move to allow US military planes to land at Almaty airport triggers suspicions of an American army deployment in the country.
Marcus Bensmann
21 Feb 05
Uzbekistan's Islamic militants badly beaten in Afghanistan are trying to retreat to their former stronghold in the Tajik mountains.
Nargis Zakirova
21 Feb 05
Both Tajik and Russian border forces admitted last week that Islamic militants could be attempting to re-enter Tajikistan.