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RCA Issue 112

Kaihan Zamani
21 Feb 05
While the authorities call for the return of looted artefacts, archaeologists plan new digs to replenish their depleted stock of treasures.
Wahed Zarmalwal
21 Feb 05
Thousands of refugees expected to return to the Afghan capital over the next year are likely to find themselves homeless
21 Feb 05
Although the centre of Kabul now enjoys relative security, bands of armed robbers continue to plague surrounding suburbs.
Walid Baidar
21 Feb 05
A behind the scenes battle for authority in the Nangarhar region poses a potentially serious threat to hopes of securing a united Afghanistan.
Ooman Wafa
21 Feb 05
Fears are growing that the under-representation in government of the country's biggest ethnic group will lead to a resumption of bloodshed.