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RCA Issue 110

Ghulam Hazim
21 Feb 05
Children as young as eight-years-old are being subjected to the harsh world of adult prisons.
Abdul Akbar
21 Feb 05
Women traumatised by their experiences under the Mujahedin and the Taleban are finding it hard to adjust to their new found freedom.
Rohan Jayasekera
21 Feb 05
Can the incipient Afghan army be trusted with the task of protecting the former king during his homecoming?
Thomas Withington
21 Feb 05
The Americans and their allies face awesome challenges in trying to build a cohesive national force out of the country's quarrelsome militia groups.
Abdul Zarmalwal
21 Feb 05
Questions raised over Afghan government claims that reports of crimes against Pashtuns in the north of the country are exaggerated.