ICR Issue 90 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 90

Hazim al-Sharaa
21 Feb 05
Iraqi beasts of burden face an uncertain future after their owners replace them with cheap stolen cars.
Ayob Kareem
21 Feb 05
Studying at Iraq’s universities no longer viewed as a good career move.
Ali Marzook
21 Feb 05
The former dictator may have swapped his palaces for a prison cell, but he still divides opinion amongst those he once governed.
Wirya Hama-Tahir
21 Feb 05
People who moved north to their original homeland to escape intimidation in the Sunni Arab heartland meet suspicion and indifference.
Sirwan Gharib
21 Feb 05
As violence increases across the country, more and more Iraqis are unwilling to risk their lives to take part in the forthcoming election.
Hussein Ali
21 Feb 05
While many Iraqis welcomed the recent imposition of martial law, others believe it should have been a last resort.
Omar Anwar
21 Feb 05
Many Iraqis are seemingly too preoccupied by their own kidnapping fears to mourn Margaret Hassan.