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ICR Issue 81

21 Feb 05
As Iraq’s medical system falters, many people are turning back to older healing methods.
Awadh al-Taiee
21 Feb 05
Tired of seeing their country torn apart by war, Iraqis view Olympic success with pride.
Hussein Ali
21 Feb 05
Hundreds of thousands who fled life in Baathist Iraq have little to go back to, even if life in Iran is tough.
Wisam al-Jaff
21 Feb 05
Fear reigns in Hilla – a city that used to be an island of calm in the Shia south - after a round of fighting, looting and mass jailbreaks.
Omar Anwar
21 Feb 05
Thousand-strong demo in Najaf is followed by Shia cleric’s decision to pull his men out.