ICR Issue 56 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 56

Naser Kadhem
21 Feb 05
The conspirators of Dijail settled on a plan to rid the country of its dictator 22 years ago.
Dhiya Rasan
21 Feb 05
Soldiers recount their experiences in the last days of the Saddam regime.
Awad al-Tai'e
21 Feb 05
Relatives search high and low even for scraps of information about loved ones lost in the war.
Kareem Omer
21 Feb 05
Kurdish villagers savour new-found freedoms following departure of the radical Ansar al-Islam group.
Ali Kais
21 Feb 05
Teachers finding it hard to tackle years of Baathist indoctrination.
Omar Anwar
21 Feb 05
Residents admit security has improved but they still do not feel safe.
Wisam al-Jaff
21 Feb 05
Murder and mutilation of four American civilians exposes lack of Coalition control over town.