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ICR Issue 47

Naser Kadhim
21 Feb 05
Farmers lack the money to buy the pesticides and equipment needed for healthy crops.
Aqil Jabbar
21 Feb 05
Families of people killed under the former regime are being given priority for employment and other benefits.
Salaam Jihad
21 Feb 05
This year's Eid was quieter than usual, with streets and parks empty of any visible celebrations.
21 Feb 05
Saddam Hussein’s trial should accord him the rights he denied others, but Iraqis must see justice done.
Usama Hashem
21 Feb 05
Residents of Najaf worry that a radical religious faction is seeking control of their city and its great shrines.
and Dhiya
21 Feb 05
Competing with Kurds and Shias, the Sunnis are creating new organisations to represent their interests.
Kamal Ali
21 Feb 05
Iraqis have conflicting opinions over calls for direct popular vote.