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ICR Issue 46

Dina al-Summary
21 Feb 05
Rebuilding schools may not be enough to stop children dropping out in order to earn enough to survive.
Awadh al-Ta'ee
21 Feb 05
When things get out of hand, tribal chieftains step in to perform their traditional role as arbitrators.
Muhammad Fawzi
21 Feb 05
New political parties are repeating old habits by hiring cronies and family members.
Wisam al-Jaf
21 Feb 05
Leaders of revived leftist party determined to continue spreading the word despite attack on local office.
Haydar al-Barak
21 Feb 05
Iraqis felt a surge of happiness at seeing Japanese troops bowing to the citizens of Samawa.
21 Feb 05
Foundations now being laid for the future appear to contain the seeds of a civil war.
Kamal Ali
21 Feb 05
While most Iraqis have heard of the term, few seem to understand its meaning.