ICR Issue 45 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 45

Salaam Jihad
21 Feb 05
Iraq’s gun culture has been around for decades and is still going strong.
Hiwa Osman
21 Feb 05
The United States needs to look beyond existing political parties to establish genuine pluralism in Iraq.
Haytham al-Husseini
21 Feb 05
It's high time to let Iraqis deliver news and commentary about their own country.
Mohamed Fawzi
21 Feb 05
The days of preferential treatment for Iraqis have vanished, along with Saddam’s low-price oil.
Luma al-Shumary
21 Feb 05
Increased attacks leave the Mandaean minority group gripped by fear and thoughts of emigration.
Dhiya Rasan
21 Feb 05
Former freedom fighter sees his reputation eroded by unrealistic expectations and unfair criticism.
Aqil Jabar
21 Feb 05
No one knows who the killers are or why they are on such a murderous mission.
Mohammed Fawzi
21 Feb 05
The followers of rival Shia clerics find common cause during this week’s protest marches.
Adnan Karem
21 Feb 05
Demonstrators heed Sistani's call whether they understand it or not.