ICR Issue 43 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 43

Salaam Jihad
21 Feb 05
A group of artists are determined to track down paintings and sculptures looted from the capital’s flagship arts centre.
Jasim Karim
21 Feb 05
Lifting Saddam’s restrictions on who could own land in Baghdad has created an unexpected surge in prices.
Kamal Ali
21 Feb 05
Crack police unit struggles to stop gangsters grabbing children to extort payment from their families.
Wisam al-Jaff
21 Feb 05
Turkomans and Arabs object to Kurdish plans to draw oil-rich Kirkuk into a separate autonomous region of Iraq.
Twana Osman
21 Feb 05
Ansar al-Islam and Komal may have been cast to the winds, but some members remain committed to the Islamic cause.