ICR Issue 40 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 40

21 Feb 05
By IWPR staff (ICR No. 40, Part I, 15-Dec-03)
Kamal Ali
21 Feb 05
Celebratory gunfire and conspiracy theories abound in the Iraqi capital after rumours of their ousted president’s capture are confirmed.
Muhammed Fawzi
21 Feb 05
Peaceful demonstrators hold out for an elected governor for southern province.
Naser Kadhem
21 Feb 05
Mixed feelings at Baghdad university over Saddam arrest – partying students receive threats.
Wisam al-Jaf
21 Feb 05
Saddam loyalists clash with United States forces in Sunni cities, clinging to the belief their leader is still free.
Salaam Jihad
21 Feb 05
Ba’ath party heavies still lurk in every neighbourhood, reminding people of their intimidating role in the past.