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ICR Issue 339

Detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. (Photo: Sgt. Sara Wood/www.army.mil)
Hussein Latif
10 Jun 10
An Iraqi’s tale of an odyssey through war zones, trying to reach the West but ending up in Guantanamo.
Insurgents linked to al-Qaeda carry out regular attacks in Mosul. (Photo: Hakar Said/Metrography)
Saad al-Mosuli
7 Jun 10
Extortion racket feeds insurgency in volatile northern Iraqi city.
Saleem al-Hasani, Basim al-Shara
4 Jun 10
UN report found that 100,000 Iraqis have fled their homes since 2005 due to water shortages.
A lone boatman crosses the Karma river, a tributary of the Tigris, some 15 kilometres north of the city of Basra. For centuries, the people of Basra and surrounding communities have depended on the waterways for their livelihood. Now a range of issues - from over-fishing to environmental problems - is threatening their way of life. (Photo: Ali Abu Iraq)
Ali Abu Iraq
4 Jun 10
They lament demise of their once-thriving livelihood, hit hard by combination of ecological and industrial problems.