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ICR Issue 338

Hiwa Osman
3 Jun 10
There’s a need to build a national consensus over issues that are important for the Iraqi voter over next four years.
A revival in militia violence could severely test Iraq’s security forces. (Photo: Kamaran Najm - Metrography)
Khalid al-Ansary, Uthman al-Mukhtar
31 May 10
Armed groups sabre-rattling as tensions grow over protracted talks on new coalition government.
The Nujoom (Stars) cinema in central Baghdad’s Bab al-Sharqi neighborhood. The Stars is now one of only three movie theatres in Baghdad still open for business, showing a mix of old Egyptian and Lebanese comedies. (Photo: Hussam al-Saray)
Hussam al-Saray
28 May 10
While Iraqi directors are the toast of international festivals, domestic film sector struggles to survive.
Squatter camps such as this one outside the city of Suleimaniyah are on the rise across Iraq, according to new reports from international aid agencies. (Photo: Tracey Shelton)
Ali Kareem
27 May 10
Half a million displaced Iraqis face grim future in squalid squatter camps.